What Is The Storage Limit Of Google Photos?

Google Storage is the photo hosting site over the internet. Here you can upload any kinds of photos.

provided by the Google itself and it was named Picasa in past. Here you can upload any kinds of photos. But it has limit for First of all, Google Storage is the photo hosting site over the internet.This site is something like photos more than 16 megapixels and videos more than 1080p resolution.

Limit Of Google Photos

Most of the people use this site because it easy to use and no more signing up is necessary if you have one google account. It is also popular because it preserves the photo in original quality with the original resolution.

So, you can use your Google Photos account to store photos unlimitedly for the photos having upto 16 megapixels and videos upto 1080p. If you will need to upload higher quality photo or videos, you will need to pay for the extra storage monthly.

The pricing is like: if you need to 15GB then you will need to pay $1.99 monthly and then you will get other option of 1TB which you will need to pay $9.99 per month.

Since, it is used from a google account then it is not necessary to sign up separately. You only need is google/gmail account.So, to login you just need to login in your gmail account and then you are signed in toGoogle Photosas well as other Google services.

You can even create web albums in an unlimited numbers but you can use it as how many you want and how many albums you have.


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