How to Use SmugMug photosharing App in a Proper Way?

SmugMug is a paid photo-sharing website which allows a user to upload both HD photos and videos to their SmugMug website and also available in mobile app. It is similar to other photo sharing websites, apps or Social Medias. The corporation gives a tool set which benefits the selling of digital and print media for newbie and expert photographers. Now for the beginners, you can use SmugMug Photosharing App easily.

To use SmugMug Photosharing app in a proper way, you can follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you need to make sure that you have installed the app properly or not. If not then you can install the app form the respective stores of your mobile phone. For Android – Google Play Store and for Apple – App Store.
    use SmugMug Photosharing app
  2. If you have installed the app properly, then you can open the app. the app has the smile icon which can be find in your screen and tap to open. As you open you will need to login your account.
  3. If not logged in then you can login first or if you have already logged in then you can use the app. as you open the app and already signed in, you will see some of the features in the home screen. In the home screen, you will see the upload icon.
  4. You need to tap on the upload icon and then start choosing the photo that you want to upload. You can browse your mobile gallery for finding the photo. As you find the photo open it, and then inside the app, you will see the upload button.
  5. You will need to tap to upload. By uploading photos, you need to make sure that others will be inspired with your skill in photography. In case, you are inspired with others photo then you can download it.
  6. You can download a photo only if that particular photo is free. And you can share photos from SmugMug to other sites. You can connect with other social media accounts to share the photos. You can share via URL also.

SmugMug can be used in more appropriate way but in the beginning, you need to use it basically as it will be trial version.

What Is The Storage Limit Of Google Photos?

Google Storage is the photo hosting site over the internet. Here you can upload any kinds of photos.

provided by the Google itself and it was named Picasa in past. Here you can upload any kinds of photos. But it has limit for First of all, Google Storage is the photo hosting site over the internet.This site is something like photos more than 16 megapixels and videos more than 1080p resolution.

Limit Of Google Photos

Most of the people use this site because it easy to use and no more signing up is necessary if you have one google account. It is also popular because it preserves the photo in original quality with the original resolution.

So, you can use your Google Photos account to store photos unlimitedly for the photos having upto 16 megapixels and videos upto 1080p. If you will need to upload higher quality photo or videos, you will need to pay for the extra storage monthly.

The pricing is like: if you need to 15GB then you will need to pay $1.99 monthly and then you will get other option of 1TB which you will need to pay $9.99 per month.

Since, it is used from a google account then it is not necessary to sign up separately. You only need is google/gmail account.So, to login you just need to login in your gmail account and then you are signed in toGoogle Photosas well as other Google services.

You can even create web albums in an unlimited numbers but you can use it as how many you want and how many albums you have.


How To Download And Install Picasa For Mac

Picasa is the photo sharing and photo hostage site which is provided by the Google. It can be used as the cloud storage for the photos. It can be easily access with one gmail account. Now, Picasa is known as the Google Photos and also available in app to make aneasy use. Google Photos- Picasa can also be used in Mac books.

 Download And Install Picasa

To download and install the Picasa For Mac- Google Photos on your Mac Book then you can follow these steps:

  1. Here in Download And Install Picasa For Mac, you will need to open the browser of your Mac. There you can open Google or other search engine that you use most. In search engine, you need to search for the Picasa- Google Photos for Mac. There you will get numerous results which can make you confuse.
  2. To make it easy, you can follow the top result or follow this This link will open the download page where you can download the app. you can also follow other sites as well.
  3. You will see the “Download Now” button which you need to click and then you can also see the requirements. I recommend you to check the requirements before start downloading. If the requirements doesn’t match with your Mac then the app may stop working.
  4. As soon as you click on the button, the download will start and after finishing download, you need to open and install and after that you will able to use the app in your Mac.
  5. So, to install the app using the downloaded file, you will need to open the file that you have downloaded in your mac. Then as the file opens, it will assure you something to follow. It is always better to follow the on-screen instruction to install the app.

As you finish installing, you just need to sign in with your Gmail account and you are now accessible. You can upload and download photos using Picasa.

How to Download Photos from Google Photos

Google photos is online photo storage where you can upload photos and later download it. Google photos is also known as Picasa. You can even download Google Photos (Picasa) on your PC for easy access. It is very helpful when you get your mobile phone formatted or set is changed. Your android phone will automatically upload your photos to Google photos. And you can easily download photos from Google Photos on your desktop or mobile device if they are deleted from your phone.

To download Google Photos, you will need to login first. To login, you can follow these steps :

  1. You can click on this link or copy that link. In that page, you will need to click on “Go to Google Photos” button. And there you need to sign in via your gmail account. By signing there you will be signed in to Picasa-Google Photos.
  2. You will get many ways to download photos from google photos. The simplest way to download a single photo is to select the photo or open the photo. To open the photo you can click anywhere on the particular photo. But to select, you need to click on small tick icon on top left corner of the photo.
  3. After you select or open the photo, you need can tap “Shift key + D key” from the keyboard. Then the download will start and end in seconds because photos don’t have big size.
    Download Google Photos
  4. Another way to download a photo is opening the particular photo. You will get a full screen for the photo. You will see some options on the top right side of the black back ground. There you will also see a triple dot icon which is more option.
  5. You need to click on that icon and see for the drop down options. There you will see download section. You need to click on that and download will start.
  6. And another way to download many photos at once is: you need to select the photos that you want to download. To select you need to click on the small tick icon on top left corner of every picture. You can select photos that only you like to download.
  7. After selection, you will see blue color navigation bar. There you will see same options with icons where you will get more option icon that is three dots. You need to click on that and from the drop down option, you need to select download. After that your download will start.

Note: the downloaded photos is saved in Download folder as default. You may have browse the download location, so you may found in your own browsed location.