How To Post Pictures on DeviantArt

DeviantArt is an online artwork, videography and photography community. It was launched in August 7, 2000. In, you can buy and sell your photos and your arts. It is one of the most famous photosharing communities. Today we are going to show you can log in to your account and post pictures on DeviantArt

Steps to Post Pictures On DeviantArt.

  1. First open the browser that you have installed in your device. Then go to and search for DeviantArt. Or simply you can go to this URL. this is URL takes you in  deviantart login page. It is the easiest and direct way of opening your deviantart login page.
  2. At first you have to login to your deviantart. First you have to enter your  username or email . Enter your correct username or email address.
    Post Pictures On DeviantArt
  3. Then in next step enter your password . You have to enter your correct password to log in. in case you forgot password then click on forgot password or username to get a new one.
  4. Once you login to your deviantart account, click on your profile. It is located at the top right corner of your page.
  5. Once you entered in your profile click on gallery button. It is located on the top of the page.
  6. Then after that click on ‘submit art’ button.
    Post Picture On DeviantArt
  7. Then in next page click on ‘choose a file to upload’. You can upload anything you  like . You can upload your pictures, art, photography and your videos. Select the  pictures, art, photography and your videos that you want to upload. Once you select then click on open button.
    Post Picture DeviantArt
  8. Then in agreement click on ‘i agree’ button to continue.
  9. Choose the size of your picture and mark on mature content . And then You can add any title you want.
  10. You can add one ore more than one pictures.
  11. Once its done then scroll down and click on ‘submit now’ and you successfully submit your photo on deviantart.

How to Download Flickr Photos

Flickr is an image sharing website. It also supports video sharing. It is similar to other photo sharing websites and apps. Flickr is also available in mobile apps. It is currently held by Yahoo. The Flickr service is mostly used by the bloggers to download the required images that can be used in blogs and social media. Normal people like us can also use the this website to download Flickr images.

To download Flickr photos, first you need to sign in. To sign in you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. You need to open google on your PC’s web browser. In google, you need to search for Flickr. You will find many results with links. Or you can click on this link to open the home page of Flickr. There you will get Sign up button and some texts on middle of the page.
  2. You need to see on top right corner, you will find Log in button also. After you click on that, you will open yahoo login because Flickr belongs to Yahoo. If you are already signed in your yahoo account then it will directly open your home page of Flickr with your yahoo account.

How To Download Flickr Photos

  1. You need to open the photo that you want to download. Or you may search for the particular photo to be downloaded and use for you later. After you open the photo that you want to download, you will see “Star- to make it favorite”, “Right ward arrow- to share photo”, “Downward arrow with a line touching- Download photo” and “Two arrows facing opposite from corner to corner- full size” on below the photo.
  2. You need to click on arrow facing downward touching a line which is download sign. By clicking on it, you will ask to click on “View all size”. Flickr gives you the option of downloading the photo different sizes with quality.
    Download Flickr Photos
  3. There you need to select the particular size to be downloaded. High size takes the high space with high quality. And similarly opposite with low size. As soon as you click on any one size, the download will be start. You can’t browse the folder to where you want to download.
  4. After finishing download, you can open the image and put wherever you want to put.

After you finish using the website, you need to remember to sign out before leaving.


Top 10 Free Image Sharing Sites

Top 10 Free Image Sharing Sites

There are many image hosting/ photo sharing sites available for a person. It can be good or bad, safe or unsafe but people are not aware. Many people think all free image hosting/ photo sharing sites are safe and good. But they might be little bit wrong.

Top 10 Photo Sharing Site

Top 10 free image sharing sites that you can use:

  • Imgur

Imgur is probably coming to the first because most of people will choose Imgur against other sites. This site will more familiar to the people who have spent working upon Reddit. Because it is the mostly serves the Redditor’s platform and the social news community’s favorite free image hosting site for Redditors.

  • Flickr

Most of the photographer use this Flickr site to share their photos. It is the oldest but widely popular social site for photo hosting. The users say that the site has very impressive layout and easy to upload photos and also well designed for the mobile phone apps.

  • 500 Pixels

This site is mostly loved by the professional photographers because of its elegant and clean display. This is site is mostly used for making money form their photographs and showing off the skills.

  • Photobucket

Photobucket is a free photo-sharing but also it is a place where users are allowed to buy printed copies of photographs from a huge library. It is much cooler to change classic memories into home decoration items, regular prints, metal prints, picture posters or prints and framed prints.

  • Free Image Hosting

As the name, the site really gives users to host their photos freely. This is mostly used because it is easy to search on internet. Here you can upload a photo and get a link for that photo to share easily in other social sites.

  • TinyPic

TinyPic is the product of Photobucket where it is similar to Imgur and Free Image Hosting which gives fast and simple way of uploading photos without creating or logging account. It is that much free that you don’t need a account to upload.

  • Google Photos

Google Photos is the photos-haring site provided by the Google to upload photos and save photos. This can be used as the cloud storage for photos where you can download your uploaded photos in another device as well. It is obvious that you need an account but it will be a google account.

  • PostImage

This free photo hosting site is very simple site to upload photo. Here you can upload your images as collections through there dedicated user accounts. It can be used even without creating a free account. While you upload the photo, you can resize your photographs from the dropdown menu and even get to select expire time.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox is very popular site and app for image hosting where you just need to create account to have the box to upload photos. This not the photosharing site but used as cloud storage and it is fully free. For the smartphones fans, Dropbox’s mobile version app is a tiny gemstone. It lets you manage your content straight from your device, and also comes with the choice to sync your camera roll with your box – so that your latest photos are automatically saved.

  • SmugMug

A site with the logo of smile where the users are really happy to use this image hosting site. This is very much similar to Flickr where a photographer show off their skills and talent through their photos. Here you need to create a free account to upload photos.

There are many other sites that should be in list but this what I can get in top 10 list. It may be up and down but it lies in the top 10. This is totally subjective. I did not add Facebook and Instagram because they are not fully image sharing sites but also a social networking platforms.