How To Download And Install Picasa For Mac

Install Picasa In Mac | How To Download And Install Picasa For Mac

Picasa is the photo sharing and photo hostage site which is provided by the Google. It can be used as the cloud storage for the photos. It can be easily access with one gmail account. Now, Picasa is known as the Google Photos and also available in app to make aneasy use. Google Photos- Picasa can also be used in Mac books. Download and install Picasa and enjoy its features on Mac as well.

How To Download And Install Picasa For Mac

Steps on how to download and install Picasa For Mac (Google Photos on your Mac Book) are as follows:

  1. Here in Download And Install Picasa For Mac, you will need to open the browser of your Mac. There you can open Google or other search engine that you use most. In search engine, you need to search for the Picasa- Google Photos for Mac. There you will get numerous results which can make you confuse.
  2. To make it easy, you can follow the top result or follow this This link will open the download page where you can download the app. you can also follow other sites as well.
  3. You will see the “Download Now” button which you need to click and then you can also see the requirements. I recommend you to check the requirements before start downloading. If the requirements doesn’t match with your Mac then the app may stop working.
  4. As soon as you click on the button, the download will start and after finishing download, you need to open and install and after that you will able to use the app in your Mac.
  5. So, to install the app using the downloaded file, you will need to open the file that you have downloaded in your mac. Then as the file opens, it will assure you something to follow. It is always better to follow the on-screen instruction to install the app.

As you finish installing, you just need to sign in with your Gmail account and you are now accessible. You can upload and download photos using Picasa.

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