How To Download Flickr Photos

How To Download Flickr Photos | Download Flickr Album

Flickr is an image sharing website. It also supports video sharing. It is similar to other photo sharing websites and apps. Flickr is also available in mobile apps. It is currently held by Yahoo. The Flickr service is mostly used by the bloggers to download the required images that can be used in blogs and social media. Normal people like us can also use the this website to download Flickr photos.

To download Flickr photos, first you need to sign in. To sign in you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. You need to open google on your PC’s web browser. In google, you need to search for Flickr. You will find many results with links. Or you can click on this link to open the home page of Flickr. There you will get Sign up button and some texts on middle of the page.
  2. You need to see on top right corner, you will find Log in button also. After you click on that, you will open yahoo login because Flickr belongs to Yahoo. If you are already signed in your yahoo account then it will directly open your home page of Flickr with your yahoo account.

How To Download Flickr Photos:

  1. You need to open the photo that you want to download. Or you may search for the particular photo to be downloaded and use for you later. After you open the photo that you want to download, you will see “Star- to make it favorite”, “Right ward arrow- to share photo”, “Downward arrow with a line touching- Download photo” and “Two arrows facing opposite from corner to corner- full size” on below the photo.
  2. You need to click on arrow facing downward touching a line which is download sign. By clicking on it, you will ask to click on “View all size”. Flickr gives you the option of downloading the photo different sizes with quality.
    how to Download Flickr Photos
  3. There you need to select the particular size to be downloaded. High size takes the high space with high quality. And similarly opposite with low size. As soon as you click on any one size, the download will be start. You can’t browse the folder to where you want to download.
  4. After finishing download, you can open the image and put wherever you want to put.

After you finish using the website, you need to remember to sign out before leaving.

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