How To Download Photos From Google Photos

How To Download Photos From Google Photos | Download Google Photos

Google photos is online photo storage where you can upload photos and later download it. Google photos is also known as Picasa. You can even download Google Photos (Picasa) on your PC for easy access. It is very helpful when you get your mobile phone formatted or set is changed. Your android phone will automatically upload your photos to Google photos. And you can easily download Google Photos on your desktop or mobile device if they are deleted from your phone.

To know how to download photos from Google Photos, you will need to login first. To login, you can follow these steps:

  1. You can click on this link or copy that link. In that page, you will need to click on “Go to Google Photos” button. And there you need to sign in via your gmail account. By signing there you will be signed in to Picasa-Google Photos.
  2. You will get many ways to download photos from google photos. The simplest way to download a single photo is to select the photo or open the photo. To open the photo you can click anywhere on the particular photo. But to select, you need to click on small tick icon on top left corner of the photo.
  3. After you select or open the photo, you need can tap “Shift key + D key” from the keyboard. Then the download will start and end in seconds because photos don’t have big size.
    How To Download Photos From Google Photos
  4. Another way to download a photo is opening the particular photo. You will get a full screen for the photo. You will see some options on the top right side of the black back ground. There you will also see a triple dot icon which is more option.
  5. You need to click on that icon and see for the drop down options. There you will see download section. You need to click on that and download will start.
  6. And another way to download many photos at once is: you need to select the photos that you want to download. To select you need to click on the small tick icon on top left corner of every picture. You can select photos that only you like to download.
  7. After selection, you will see blue color navigation bar. There you will see same options with icons where you will get more option icon that is three dots. You need to click on that and from the drop down option, you need to select download. After that your download will start.

Note: the downloaded photos is saved in Download folder as default. You may have browse the download location, so you may found in your own browsed location. Hence, this way you can apply steps on How To Download Photos From Google Photos.

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