How To Use iCloud Photo Sharing Photo Library

How To Use iCloud Photo Sharing / Photo Library

iCloud photo sharing is the service given by apple to its customers to share photos and photo albums to the chosen ones. Not only photos but also videos can be shared with the people you have choose. And you can let them add their own photos, videos, and comments.

To know how to use iCloud Photo Sharing for Mac then you can follow these steps:

  1. First of all you need to turn on the iCloud Photo Sharing by opening the System Preferences and inside it “iCloud”. Then there you will see some options beside the Photos. Form there you need to select iCloud Photo Sharing.
  2. Then now, you need to open the Photos and inside it, you need to click on the “Shared” tab up in the toolbar. Then the empty windows will show with a label iCloud Photo Sharing. You will also get a button “Start Sharing”.

    How To Use iCloud Photo Sharing

    Image Source: Apple / iCloud

  3. Then there you need to click on that button which will open the Preferences panel for Photos. There you will be take into the iCloud section with three different options for sharing your photos: iCloud Photo Library, My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing.
  4. ICloud Photo Library is the new one and when you turn it on, your entire photo library is uploaded into the iCloud. This gives you the option to “pause for one day” so that you can wait until your network isn’t too busy and your all photos will upload fast in short time.
  5. ICloud Photo Library used in the same 5GB storage from the iCloud. So, when you upload too many videos and photos can be more than 5GB and you might want to pay for the extra storage to upgrade it. Or you get a choice of switching iCloud Photo Library off again.
  6. When you get with other option “My Photo Stream”, you need to first click on the “Albums” tab in the toolbar which will show you all the albums that you’ve created in Photos. You will also get the new album called “My Photo Stream”.
  7. Any photos that are took from the Mac or iOS device that is linked with your iCloud account then they are automatically added to My Photo Stream. The good news with this option is these photos don’t go with your 5GB free storage of iCloud.
  8. Now, if you go with the “iCloud Photo Sharing” option, you can share the photos with your family and friends. This service isn’t given by the My Photo Stream option. It is better to use this. This also allows you to upload photos is in different social sites in quick time.
  9. ICloud Photo Sharing also provides you to share photos in private manner. For that, you need to click on the “Shared” tab again and there need to click on the “Start Sharing” button. Then the drop down tab will open where you can create new “Shared album” and also send email invitations to a specific group of people.
  10. Once you have created your shared album Photos, it will displayed in the Moments in your entire photo library which makes you easy to choose the photos to add in the album. And, unlike “My Photo Stream”, “iCloud Photo Sharing” allows you to upload videos that you have recorded too.

Hence, this way you can go for “How To Use iCloud Photo Sharing Photo Library” to use it and share photos on Mac.

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