How to Use Keenai Photosharing Site

Keenai is a popular online photosharing site. This isn’t any free site that can be used freely by signing up a free account. A user should subscribe with some money to use the features like posting pictures or use it as backup and also download same photos in other devices. Now you will be able to Use Keenai Photosharing Site easily.

To post pictures in Keenai photosharing site, you can follow these steps:

  1. So, you will need to open the Keenai in your browser. Make sure that you are logged in to your Keenai account in your browser. As you open the site, you will see the upload icon. You can directly drag a photo/ photos in that page.
    Use Keenai Photosharing Site
  2. Or just click on the upload icon on navigation bar. This will open a window in your PC and then there you can browse your PC to search the photos that you want to upload.
  3. You can upload multiple photos at one if they all are from one folder. As you select the photo or photos then you need to click on the “Open” button in the window. This will upload the photo/photos in the Keenai account.

Uploading a photo or photos is very easy. By the same way you can upload your more photos and use the account as the backup storage for your photos. Because as you upload once in that account the photos will be there forever until you delete it by yourself. The uploaded photos can be downloaded in any device that you want.

To download photos from Keenai photosharing site, you can follow these steps:

  1. First of all, be in your Keenai account. Then as you open your account, you will see the photos that you have uploaded till now. Latest update will be in the first. You will get the time and date with photos.
  2. As you see the photos, you need to select the particular photo/ photos that you want to download. As you select photos, the navigation bar will change and icons will be added.
  3. From there, one icon will be the “Download” icon having a down arrow icon. You will need to click on that icon and the photo will be downloaded and completes download in seconds as per the internet speed.

After the download completes, you can see the photos in your device ont eh particular location of the storage.

So, Keenai can be used as cloud storage for the photos.

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