How to Move Pictures from Computer to iCloud

Basically iCloud was meant for Apple devices but now it is available for all kinds of devices. Since it can be signed up with any account. ICloud is now compatible with Computers and you can move pictures from computer to iCloud as well.

To move pictures from computer to iCloud, you can follow these steps:

  1. You can use iCloud in computers by two ways: by installing app or using the browser website version of PC. The second option is quite easy and you don’t need any extra time for installation.
  2. So, open your computer browser and open a search engine like Google to search. In search engine, you can search for the iCloud directly. You will get numerous results in it but you need to open the genuine one.
  3. As you open the iCloud login page, you will see two blanks which you need to fill for signing in. First, you need to enter your Apple ID and then you need to enter your Password in the second blank.
    Move Pictures from Computer to iCloud
  4. After that you need to click on the right arrow beside the password blank or you can press the “Enter” key from the keyboard. As you get logged in, you will see different icons including “Photos”.
  5. Then there you will see the cloud with up arrow icon in top right corner. That icon means upload which you need to click on. This will open a window where you can browse the photos in your computer.
  6. You can browse from anywhere to upload the photo. As you select photos, you need to click on the open button to start uploading. You can upload multiple and single photos both way.

By uploading, your photo will be moved to iCloud from PC and it is your decision to delete the photos in PC or not.

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