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How to Upload and Download Photos From Imgur

Imgur is pronounced as Imager. Now the title is clear about its facilities and services. This is the site where you can upload photos and share them with others. You can also view other user’s photos. Simply, it is a photo sharing site. You can use this service on both site and app. Since, it is use as cloud storage as well you can download photos from Imgur for later uses. Now you will know How to Upload and Download Photos From Imgur easily.

To upload photos to Imgur from website, you can follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you need to open you browser on your PC. There you can open google to search for Imgur. You can also use other search engine as well. You will get numerous result in it from which you need to open the genuine one.
  2. So, as you open the login page, you will get some blanks in the screen. You need to fill those blanks. So, you need to enter your email address in the first blank and password in the second blank respectively.
    How to Upload and Download Photos From Imgur
  3. As you enter these two things, you will need to get ticked on the small box that is provided by reCAPTCHA for the secure login and proving that you are not a robot.
  4. In the same page you will see the “New post” button in top of the page or the “Add Images” button in the right side. There you need to click on and a page will appear where you can upload photos. You can drag a photo down there and start uploading.
  5. Or simply click on the browser button and go through your PC to search for the photos that you want to upload. Loading will take a certain time and as it completes, you will be shown the photo and the URL to the photo will also be shown.
  6. You can copy that URL and share to others. And then as it loads, you need to click on the “Share to Community” button in the right side to upload that photo. And this will upload the photo.

Watch Video Tutorial on “How To Sign In To Your Imgur Account” here:

So, uploading was easy when you have logged in. So, what if you need to download photos from Imgur. You can follow these following steps to download images from Imgur:

  1. So, in the home page, you will see the photos that are popular and trending. If you need to download any of the images then you need to go for that images. You need to open that image.
  2. As you open the particular image, you will see the triple dot icon exactly below the photo. The icon reminds of more options. So, you will see more option in drop down menu as you click it.
  3. From the option, you need to choose the “Download Post” option and then the download will start and finish also. To check the downloaded file, you need to search on your download folder of your PC.

By uploading and downloading feature, you can use this Imgur as cloud storage for the images but it will be publicly seen.