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Photosharing All Information

Everything You Need to Know About Photosharing – Photosharing Sites

By the name you could have guessed what it typically means. Photosharing is typically major sites out there that provide the functionality of sharing and storing your pictures online. Instead of sharing the hard copy of the images, photosharing websites allow you to share your image with your online friends or entire web in general. Whatever device you have used to click the photos, you can publish in these sharing sites.

Photosharing sites have been around since 90s and in recent years of development of cheap digital cameras and high-spec camera phones, websites specifically developed for uploading and sharing have become more popular. Young generations like today like clicking pictures every now and then and with limited storage options in the devices, these sites have taken maximum traffic and made enough earning through the sign ups. Some of them are hosted for free while some require you to pay certain sum of money for the membership. And, some of such photosharing sites are listed below.

Some Famous Photosharing Sites

  1. Flickr

Photosharing websites

Flickr is an image hosting service and video hosting service created by Ludicorp in 2004. After changing multiple ownership, lately it had been bought by SmugMug from Yahoo in April 2018. It is not only popular website for sharing and embedding personal photographs, the service is widely used by photo researchers and by bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs and social media.

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Flickr is a great place to stash your shots provided a remarkable 1TB of space for free (with ads) or for $5.99 a month/$49.99 a year without ads. Subscribing also gets you 15% off a yearly subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan.

A very easy drag-and-drop system allows you to organize albums of your photos and collections of photos from you and other photographers. Choice award winner, thanks to its massive amount of storage and a simple, and clean interface, it remains the best option for the serious shooters.

  1. Imgur

Photosharing websites

Imgur is by far the biggest image sharing sites in the world. The best thing about the site is that you don’t even have to register to use it and everything is pretty much unlimited with exceptions being 50 pictures per hour upload per IP, maximum file size for non-animated images being 20MB and for gifs being 200MB.

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The images hosted are there forever. But just be sure of the thing that there is lossy compression done by the website for non-animated images below 1MB (for anonymous uploads) and 5MB (for account holders). Keeping these things in mind, you would better not use the site for backup purpose.

  1. Photobucket

photosharing sites

Photobucket is an internet service which provides users to upload their photo online on internet. But it isn’t as the name suggests as it includes videos as well. So, it is not only a photo sharing site, but video sharing site as well.

The free version of Photobucket offers 2GB of space that too with ads and pop-ups that block your view. There are three paid levels that offers additional functionality and are ads free.

  • Beginners (2GB of storage $48.53 a year)
  • Intermediate (20GB for $70 a year)
  • Expert (2TB for $124 a year)

All of these plans allow you to share the photos on third party site.

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Photobucket has a wide range of tools for editing and an easy-to-use interface. Once the uploading work is finished, you can add multiple tags to the image and organize them in the albums or stories. Photobucket provides extensive support for selling prints: you can buy individual photos, or photobooks starting at $1.99.

  1. SmugMug

photosharing site

Focused on the design perspective, SmugMug is another awesome site that provides your photos with a stylish home and many well-designed templates. It doesn’t provide the free version of the site to work with it, however, you get 14 days free trial period. The cheapest being $5.99per month or $39.99 per year.

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You aren’t on any type of debt though, nor the cost is very high as you get a lot from the money spent with unlimited storage of photos and 1080p videos, and an awesome range of editing tools that are simple to use but powerful enough. It is nowhere near the Adobe Photoshop for the professionals but it aids in editing work of some simple errors and enhancements.

  1. Adobe Portfolio


Adobe provides this service to users of its creative cloud software subscription service which provides access to the programs like Photoshop and Lightroom. The monthly subscription fee for this service is $9.99 for 2GB and $49.99 for 20GB of photos and videos in the cloud while Adobe Portfolio provides clean, simple yet attractive portfolio for these files.

It provides six customizable templates and you can sort the content into projects and events which integrates with Adobe’s Lightroom software so that you can publish images straight to your portfolio with a push of a button. You can tag individual photos and events. The presentation is very clean and easy to use as it is particularly aimed to be for the professional photographers marketing their services on the Adobe’s website.

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The ones given above are some of the popular photosharing websites. There are other sites as well that provide similar functionality with some added or reduced cost of use. Few of them are listed below.

  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram
  • Picasa: It is photo sharing, storing and editing software.
  • Google Photos: Google provides the functionality of photo storage and sharing in the name of Google Photos.
  • Imagebam
  • Imgbb
  • Imagetitan
  • com
  • Zenfolio etc.

Risks in Photosharing websites

photosharing risks

There are risks in photosharing websites as well. The biggest of all risk is of privacy as with few amounts to spend, your privacy is on risk. Anyone can access your picture and use it for whatever purpose they like. Often the younger generations put way too much of personal information on sites like these which is better kept secret to themselves.

Cyber bulling is an offensive crime which might happen with the photos you share not knowing where it’s going to end up. So, for the security purpose, limit the amount of the information that you share online as it is internet and no the safest place on earth.

How to Download, Upload, Share and Delete SmugMug Photos

SmugMug is a paid photo-sharing website which allows a user to upload both HD photos and videos to their SmugMug website and also available in mobile app. It is similar to other photo sharing websites, apps or Social Medias. The company gives a tool set which helps the selling of digital and print media for newbie and professional photographers. This article is about SmugMug Guide for Beginners. Read the following paragraphs to download, Upload, Share and Delete SmugMug Photos.

To download the SmugMug Photos, you can follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you need to open the browser of your computer and open the search engine in it. You can open Google which is most popular search engine. In search engine, you can search for the SmugMug.
  2. As you open the SmugMug home page, you will need to see the particular photo that you want to download. As you open the particular photo, you will see some option nearly with the photo.
    SmugMug Photos
  3. From the option, you need to choose the download option which has the “Downward arrow” icon. As you click, your photo will be downloaded. So, you can check it on the

To upload the photos on SmugMug, you can follow these steps:

  1. In the home page after signing in, you will see some tabs on top bar. You will see a tab with text “Upload” from left corner. Click on that tab and choose where to upload. You can upload in your existing gallery or make a new gallery.
    Watch Video Tutorial Here:
  2. Choose any then you will get a page where you can browse the computer folders to choose a photo to be uploaded. You need to click on the text “Browse Computer” then you will get to browse.
  3. Then after selecting photo, you need to click on the open button. And then it will load for seconds. Then after a while your uploading will complete and your photo will be in your gallery.

To share the SmugMug Photos, you can follow these steps:

  1. So, if you need to share some photos then you can do that. If you have a photo in the SmugMug then the photo will have the particular specific URL which can be shared. So. It is better to share the URL of that particular photo in other social sites.
  2. You can also share a whole gallery that you have. You will get the share icon in each gallery that you have created and that gallery will be shared with all photos in it.
  3. Simply, you can share to any other social Medias like whatever you are on and you want to share. The destination of sharing photos should be choose by you.

To delete the SmugMug Photos, you can follow these steps:

  1. If you think that the photo you have uploaded in pas is not necessary to be saved now then you can delete those photos as well. You can even delete a whole gallery if you want.
  2. As you open an image or select a gallery you will get some option icon. Form those icons, one is the bin icon which is delete option. You will just need to click on that and then confirm the step that you have choose.

So, deleting was also easy and other functions were also handier. You can use SmugMug in a paid version for better experience.